Boske, Jim ten (*1946)

Kategorie: Blockflöten und andere Instrumente

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Jim ten Boske (*1946)

Minimal 3  ETF 3040

Sopranblockflöte und Gitarre

2 Partituren

SG 2

Also in Minimal 3 one can find residues of my first musical impressions, mainly jazz and pop music from the fifties and sixties besides some classical music. Those impressions are later of course  flooded, eroded and weathered by the elements of other music from the 20th and 21h century with all his experiments and state - of - the - art improvements.

But still those roots work like a kind of gravity on with my musical ideas and explorations circle about.

Minimal 3 is dedicated to DUO NIHZ  Sanna van Elst ( Recorder ) and Bobby Rootveld ( Guitar).


Jim ten Boske

Jim ten Boske (1946) studied guitar at the Royal conservatory of music in The Hague with Koos Tigges. Jan van Dijk and Ruud Koumans. He attended additional master classes guitar and contemporary music. He has worked as a  teacher in the fields of guitar, faculties Jazz and Pop at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede , as well as in the fields of composition and pop music, faculties Music Therapy and Social Work at the Hogeschool Utrecht. As a performer he played in several Dutch groups a.o. Willy and his Giants,The Bumble Bees with singer Mariska Veres, The Shoes, Double You, NRA (recording), Dutch Treat. Ten Boske has worked for music theatre and TV-productions with a.o. Mini and Maxi, Robert Paul, Conny Vandenbos, Ted de Braak and Herbert Joeks.




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