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General delivery and payment terms


All orders are basically binding. A bill of sale takes place only with delivery of the product.

It are worth our delivery and payment terms performed here. Changes are effective only by a written confirmation on our part.

All deliveries take place on calculation and risk of the receiver.

The deliveries are explained for the topically valid prices incl. the valid value added tax and are calculated. All prices are given in euro (our commercial currency). Mistakes and price changes are expressly left.

Notes and books are defeated in the Federal Republic of Germany by the prize connection. The suitable store price can deviate abroad because of the high additional costs (Versand+Bankkosten).

Information about the term of delivery is non-binding. The shop assistant is entitled to partial achievements and part deliveries.

The dispatch takes place for private customers within Germany free of forwarding costs. For commercial trade forwarding expenses are raised according to the dispatch kind and originating costs. Special dispatch wishes must be given with the order unmistakably. With it originating add-on costs are charged to the customer.

Our calculations are after calculation position payable within 30 days. The invoice amount is to be deposited for us gratis declared account. The deduction of discount payment is inadmissible.

The payment count as occurred if the seller the amount has received. The product remains up to fulfilment of all payment claims of the seller towards the shop assistant a property of the seller.

The publishing company reserves themselves device of the purchaser in default, interests on arrears or are due to raise.

With new customers and orders from abroad or for other reasons
if the publishing company reserves itself a delivery by pre-invoice. The customer is informed about it after the order{a. Our customers from abroad have the possibility with the PayPal system to pay. Over here we inform after occurred inquiry or offer this even by the delivery.

All transports occur on calculation and risk of the receiver. Claims because of damage against the carrier (post, railway etc.) can be put only by the receiver. The damage is to be let confirm necessarily by the dispatch enterprise.

All complaints must be informed within 5 days on receipt of the product. Returns are accepted only after previous arrangement. With returns on the basis of production mistakes or wrong deliveries is performed free of charge substitute.

Cancellation: The customer can revoke within 2 weeks on receipt of the product by return of the product the contract. It is enough the timely sending of the product. The publishing company is to be required entitled substitute, if a depreciatiom takes place or use or loss of the product with a cancellation. Special offers are excluded from the cancellation.

If the customer is alone for the reasons of the cancellation or predominantly is responsible or stamps out the cancellation or resignation reason during an acceptance delay, a resignation or cancellation is excluded.


Choice broadcastings are not possible basically. We ask for your understanding.

Broadcastings with agreed right of return need the special arrangement. Rep. customer can send back the product up to the agreed appointment, otherwise the invoice amount becomes due. With returns the costs go for postage and packing to loads of the back transmitter.


Copy ban: Without exception all issues contained in our offer are protected by law. Every kind of the duplication is forbade and punishable.


Performances of geschützer works are to be announced of the GEMA: GEMA, post office box 301 240, 10722 Berlin.

Performances of scenic works are defeated by the great right and are to be announced at the publishing company directly (Edition Tre Fontane, Eckenerstr. 12, 48147 Münster).


Data protection: We undertake to transmit your personal data not into three parts and to treat confidentially. The data necessary for the commercial winding up are stored and the passing on into three parts occurs only with absolute necessity. The customer agrees to the elevation, storage, processing and use of personal data expressly.


Retention of title / legal venue: Of the product our property remains up to entire payment. It is worth German law to the exclusion of the UN-purchase right. Fulfilment place and legal venue is Münster/Westfalen.


Salvatorische Klausel: Should single determinations of the contract be ineffective including these regulations all or part, or our information or the contract should be incomplete, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations or parts of such regulations remains untouched.